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#1 2018-07-03 09:15:50


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Top DPS class in PVE?

Just to start this section off

I'd like to post this, it's just something i googled real quick
These numbers are based on Heroic Festergut? 25man ICC

1) Fury Warrior 18107
2) Fire Mage 17799
3) Combat Rogue 17671
4) Retribution Paladin 17213
5) Assassination Rogue 17052
6) Marksmanship Hunter 17021
7) Feral-Cat Druid 16689
glasses Unholy Death Knight 16540
9) Affliction Warlock 16144
10) Frost Death Knight 15985
11) Shadow Priest 15807
12) Arcane Mage 15414
13) Demonology Warlock 15396
14) Enhancement Shaman 15275
15) Balance Druid 14924
16) Elemental Shaman 14538
17) Blood Death Knight 14276
18) Destruction Warlock 14157
19) Survival Hunter 13997
20) Arms Warrior 12563

I'm sure 99% of you guys have way more knowledge in PVE than me, so feel free to post guides on classes for newer players!


#2 2018-07-03 23:20:32


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Re: Top DPS class in PVE?

Dont Trust any Source, which you can google. it depends on Talents, Skill, BiS Gear, Raid constellations like how much utility Players or full DPS. These Numbers are just "nearly" what they can do, but it varies like 2-4k or more. It depends more, if every talent works like it should work. but you cant know that, only with Recount or Skada. Like the Unholy DK Talent, which give you a chance to hit again with %DMG of your DPS.
Fury is obvious, was since classic strong, will ever be strongest DPS, same for Mages.

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#3 2018-07-04 21:07:37


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Re: Top DPS class in PVE?

Agreed, google stats can give an idea but not entirely accurate, I for one pull way more on fest as my hunter, bursting 25k, leveling out around 19-20k. My ret pala as well, I’m averaging around 18-20k on fest. Really plays a strong factor on the player and how well he plays his class.

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