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#1 2018-05-16 02:34:38


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Char transf

Player Info
Char names: Lameq and Limeq
Join date: 16.05.18
Saw the server on a voting page (Can't remember which one)

Char Info … anquishers … ol/limmets

Reason I am asking for char transfer is because I want to start on something new, like your project.
And I miss playing wotlk. I'm not sure if I am allowed to get 2 transfers, I just want some variety to play.
(If I cant have them both I will choose the paladin)
Really looking forward to start playing on the server. Thank you  smile


#2 2018-05-16 05:15:02


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Re: Char transf


Welcome to Shadowburn.
Will sort your transfer today once i'm home from work - Around 17PM (Paris Time).

Feel free to join Discord and poke me there, once you see me online.


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