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Forum Rules

We hope that the tone of this forum is friendly and helpful, please keep that in mind when posting, we also have the following more specific rules we expect to be followed in all posts.

Please ensure that you are also familiar with our Terms of Service.

Keep posts relevant

  • Your posts should relate to the subject dictated by the topic.

  • Offtopic posts are considered spam and may be deleted.

  • Please post in Standard English at all times.

Keep topics relevant

  • Topics need to relate to the forum category they are in.

  • If your topic doesn't seem to fit in any category, it's considered spam and may be deleted.

  • Topics for generic chatting are not allowed, but you can always make a topic about a specific subject.

Read the stickies

  • The stickies are special topics that are permanently at the top of a list of topics, and have a thumbtack icon next to their title.

  • They usually contain forum rules and should not be disregarded. Before posting in a forum, you must read its stickies.

Advertising is prohibited

  • Creating entire threads or posts purely for purposes intended to gain publicity.

  • Constant off topic posts or threads which contain links to your own website.

  • Donation links, payment links or other links which are used for commercial purposes.

Username Conditions

  • A domain name, website title or company name.

  • Impersonating other community members, companies or websites.

Signature Posts

  • Your signature must be setup from your profile, not manually added to every post.

  • Graphic images must not exceed 400x80 pixels (total width of entire signature).


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