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How to request Guild transfer

Before submitting your request, be sure that it meets the following criteria of:

Guild information

To prepare for writing your request, you have to gather:

  • Guild name.

  • Guild Master in-game character name.

  • Guild Officer(s) in-game character(s) name(s).

  • Exactly what player was doing at the moment of the accident (If reporting player).

Character(s) information

  • Link to character(s) you wanna transfer.

  • Link to guild if possible.


Your request should include few simple reasons why you requesting an transfer:

  • What are the reasons for transferring your Guild to Shadowburn?


Once we review your request and approve it:

  • Your Guild member(s) will get an character template with 190 ilvl.

  • Your Guild vault will gain 5,000 gold for Guild vault tabs.

  • Your Guild will get an Guild House - Min 15 players required to be transferred.


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